How to play


Okay, so here’s how to play the game of mapping the imagination.

Creating the Monster!

Firstly, it takes 4 people to create a Monster.

Each creator is given a coloured pen and a piece of paper.

Now, when you are ready and the creative juices are flowing.

Head down, pen up and everyone is to draw a head of a Monster.

Make sure you have drawn a neck too!

The paper is then folded so that the head and neck are hidden.

However do indicate where to continue your creation, only showing the neck lines.

Then everyone passes their paper to the left.

Next everyone is tasked with drawing the torso of their Monster.

From the neck to the waistline.

Again the paper is folded and passed to the left.

Now the participants draw the monsters legs!

From the top of the thigh to the bottom of the ankles.

One final time the paper is folded and passed to the left.

Lastly each person draws their monster’s feet, or fins, or claws, or rollerblades!

Now! Take a deep breath and unfold…!

Your 4 different creatures are now ready to be unleashed into the world!