May 172012

Hello all of you,

This Sunday Hamleys have given us their ENTIRE store for 2 hours before it opens to have a celebration of the launch of the book! I am very excited about this, it’s going to be great! The 34 GOSH Monsters will all be there for you to meet!

If you’re around Regents Street between 10am-12pm feel free to stop by and check us out! We’ll be looking our best and from I understand other monsters will be being created which is marvellous!

There is going to be all sorts going on this Sunday:

  • Monster Drawing Corner
  • Meet Jiggly Boggly
  • Monster Puppet Show
  • Monster Reading
  • Book Signing
  • Red Carpet Entrance
What a start to a Sunday morning, so come and see Jiggly Boggly this Sunday and if you haven’t got yourself a copy yet, you can order it from my shop which you can find down the column on your right! See it?


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