May 212012


Massive thank you to all those that came along yesterday it was a great success! Unfortunately the nuisance nugget that could get wonderful photographs onto these computers has got a promotion which for this reason I am not surprised about and the replacement is struggling (I’m that nuisance nugget writing this whilst JB dictates with a thistle milk milkshake in one hand and a green sparkler in the other, anyway….he’s getting ready because he’s got to go out with Zerain later, hahaha)

The fine people of Hamleys were absolutely amazing!! Did you see the puppet show? I saw the puppet show, it was incredible, I was laughing all the way down to my green hooves. There were some of the original children creators from the 34 GOSH Schools, there were some of the fantastic 34 artistry magicians and the guys that laid the whole thing out were there! It was a really fun morning! Please see photos now on my Facebook Page through the link on the homepage (page with the big logo in the middle)

I do hope you have bought yourselves a copy of my book from the store, and are finding out about the 34 GOSH Monsters of London Town. Please feel free to contact me through the contact page (again through homepage, big logo in the middle) if you would like a signed copy when you order!

Stay Awesome!


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