Oct 212012


I’ve been on a bit of a trip around the world over the last 3 weeks, boggling as far as Singapore and New York. Ah, it was so much fun! There was Monsters everywhere and we got upto all sorts of monsterous fun.

I’m trying to think of what I should do next, what should the second book be about? What would you like to see in a second book?

If you have any fantbabulous thoughts or have some creative memory filings lying around do let me know. It’d be great to hear if you’ve got any ideas about the sequel of this book!

Hope everything is well!

Jiggly Boggly

Sep 302012

Hello all of you,

I was thinking, you probably haven’t even seen one of the 34 Monster pages yet? I should introduce you to one of us, so here is Cyber Punk, the stinky scavenger from Lambeth. Cyber keep rats and cockroaches as pets and his feet pong.

If you’d like to meet the other 33 GOSH Monsters you can buy a copy from the shop page on this site!

Remember, the book is now only £4.99. Less than a fiver of your money and all profit goes to the Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital.

If you have however seen my book about the GOSH Monsters I really hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Sep 102012


Hope you all had a great Summer Holiday! Did you visit places here and there? I imagine you’re not overly keen about going back to school. Still, on the plus side we’re a month closer to the festive break. I’ve also been told from a special source that this will be the funnest year since there’s been years.

Over the Summer one of my monster inspirations received a copy of my new book, he is the legend that wrote ‘The Snowman’, ‘Father Christmas’ and ‘Fungus the Bogeyman’ you should absolutely check these out! These books are timeless! The man is Mr Raymond Briggs!

Have you got a copy of the GOSH Monsters yet?

Growl soon,

Jiggly Boggly

Jun 252012

Hello all you lovely people,

So, I was wondering around London and I popped into my favourite store in London, Hamleys Toy Store. And I went up the stairs to the book floor, thudded my way up there. I was completely unseen but my new book was there for all to see!

I’m soooo HAPPY to see that Hamleys have made it their BOOK OF THE WEEK! It will be there for a long time I am sure but if you’re in London be sure to pop in and check out all 34 of the GOSH Monsters in my new book!

Stay Awesome,

Jiggly Boggly

Jun 222012


I will be visiting The Bookshop in Welwyn Garden City tomorrow from 11am-2pm if you would like to pop by for some monsterous fun! I will be introducing you to the 34 GOSH Monsters of London Town and will be signing copies for anyone that gets one or wants to bring theirs along!

Hoping to see some of you tomorrow! Monster creating awaits!

Stay Awesome,

Jiggly Boggly

Jun 102012


Hope everyone had a monsterously fun half-term week!

For any of the GOSH Schools involved that would like to receive a visit from Jiggly Boggly in the build up to the Summer holidays with fetes, assemblys or class talks please feel free to get in touch! Even schools that aren’t or book shops, book events, feel free to contact me if you would like to receive a visit.

I have visited a few schools around my local area to play monsters, create monster masks, explain the how and they why and even create new ideas! I am more than happy to visit and share the GOSH Monsters.

The book is all going well, still a VERY long way to go I have realised. Please do share and spread the word of the book! I realise PR is very important in your world, I didn’t realise quite how hard this was going to be.

I want to do as push as I can to promote the book so please feel free to contact me with any ideas you might have…..

Stay Awesome!

Jiggly Boggly

May 212012


Massive thank you to all those that came along yesterday it was a great success! Unfortunately the nuisance nugget that could get wonderful photographs onto these computers has got a promotion which for this reason I am not surprised about and the replacement is struggling (I’m that nuisance nugget writing this whilst JB dictates with a thistle milk milkshake in one hand and a green sparkler in the other, anyway….he’s getting ready because he’s got to go out with Zerain later, hahaha)

The fine people of Hamleys were absolutely amazing!! Did you see the puppet show? I saw the puppet show, it was incredible, I was laughing all the way down to my green hooves. There were some of the original children creators from the 34 GOSH Schools, there were some of the fantastic 34 artistry magicians and the guys that laid the whole thing out were there! It was a really fun morning! Please see photos now on my Facebook Page through the link on the homepage (page with the big logo in the middle)

I do hope you have bought yourselves a copy of my book from the store, and are finding out about the 34 GOSH Monsters of London Town. Please feel free to contact me through the contact page (again through homepage, big logo in the middle) if you would like a signed copy when you order!

Stay Awesome!


May 172012

Hello all of you,

This Sunday Hamleys have given us their ENTIRE store for 2 hours before it opens to have a celebration of the launch of the book! I am very excited about this, it’s going to be great! The 34 GOSH Monsters will all be there for you to meet!

If you’re around Regents Street between 10am-12pm feel free to stop by and check us out! We’ll be looking our best and from I understand other monsters will be being created which is marvellous!

There is going to be all sorts going on this Sunday:

  • Monster Drawing Corner
  • Meet Jiggly Boggly
  • Monster Puppet Show
  • Monster Reading
  • Book Signing
  • Red Carpet Entrance
What a start to a Sunday morning, so come and see Jiggly Boggly this Sunday and if you haven’t got yourself a copy yet, you can order it from my shop which you can find down the column on your right! See it?


May 162012

Hi all of you,

Sorry, it’s been absolute madness up here in Hamlet Towers. The nuisance nuggets have been hopping, jumping and skipping for days and I haven’t had as much rest as a monster caretaker should!

We are now released, my book is available far and wide but really you should order it directly from this site, in my shop. It is also available at all good book stores! Just tell them the ISBN: 978-0-9571972-0-6 and they will be able to order it for you!

I’m really quite chuffed with it and I think all involved are also! I hope so!

I hope you’ve now got a copy and do let me know which one of us is your favourite!

Stay Awesome!