I’m Jiggly Boggly, Welcome to my website. What I’ve done here you see is bring together a collection of incredible Monsters that have never before been seen. That’s never, like never ever!

By using quite a simple drawing game I have discovered a way of mapping our imaginations. It sounds crazy I know, but it’s the truth. To find out how to play go to my How to play page and enjoy.

It’s taken 136 imaginations from 33 different schools around London and 4 in-patients from Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital to create the phenomenal 34 GOSH Monsters. A bit of a task you might think, but only this amount of hard work and creative excellence could produce such fascinating characters. The 34 unusually brilliant Monsters were each named by their 4 original creators.

The GOSH Monsters Book was released on May 14th! Please visit my shop and buy yourself a copy!

Yes, all children, big and small, have come together to create a book of awesomeness to help the unwell children at Great Ormond Street Hospital. We hope to raise lots of money, GOSH needs it!

I’m having a little GOSH Monsters Competition you can enter, just click on the little The GOSH Monsters Competition link and get involved.

The GOSH Monsters from throughout London have escaped!

I hope you enjoy,

Jiggly Boggly